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Coconut Oil Weight Loss and More

Coconut Oil Weight Loss and More

Coconut oil has been considered a vital resource for good health and general well-being throughout many centuries. Extensive research reveals that coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a very rare element that contains antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. While it is most commonly used to complete the ingredients of cosmetics, baking, and cooking oils; many people still consider coconut oil to be a critical source of natural medicine for many ailments and even using it to increase metabolism.

Coconut oil as a weight loss tool? As surprising as this claim might be regarding as it does a food product that consists of over ninety percent saturated fat, coconut oil does possess some surprising qualities that do in fact help it reduce weight significantly if included in a person’s diet on a regular basis.

Fats in diet

Fats in general are an essential part of the diet. The body requires fats to produce hormones and cell membranes. In addition to those important functions, two of the most important vitamins necessary for a healthy body, vitamin A and vitamin D, are fat soluble, which means they will only dissolve in a fat – rich enviroment.

The reason behind this is that coconut oil is an MCT, or medium chain triglyceride fat. This type is fat is metabolized by the liver very quickly. As a result, soon after ingesting the coconut oil, the body receives a quick burst of energy. This makes it a very good food to eat before exercise.

Coconut oil also stimulates thyroid function

The thyroid also stimulates the body’s ability to metabolize food. Studies of the south pacific islanders in the 1930s showed that despite having a diet that was over 60% coconut oil fat, the islanders were not overweight, but quite fit and healthy.

In the 1940′s, cattle ranchers experimented with coconut oil as a way to quickly fatten up their livestock. This proved to be a poor investment as the plan backfired when the cows actually became very thin and hyperactive, due to the increased energy levels and increased thyroid performance.

How coconut oil helps in weight loss?

Yet in spite of this, many doctors still advise against consuming too much coconut oil on account of it’s high fat content. If you start adding large amounts of coconut oil on top of your regular fat intake, this advice may well be the right course of action to take. The smart way to go about it, is to replace as many fats as possible with coconut oil, Instead of cooking with vegetable oil, replace it with coconut oil. Replacing butter in baked goods with coconut oil is another way to introduce acceptable levels into your diet that will bring measurable changes to your body’s metabolizing functions.

Another advantage of including coconut oil in a weight loss diet plan is that is reduces the severity of food cravings. This is because most weight loss diets involve little if any fat intake. As mentioned earlier, the body needs fats to function properly, so those cravings are cravings for fats. By including a reasonable amount of coconut oil in your diet, you get the benefits of increased metabolism and reduced food cravings as your body is not starved of fat.

Coconut Oil metabolism

Coconut oil is the most well known source for the saturated fats that are necessary to increase metabolism. No other oil contains such an easily digestible fat content, which is how it’s consumed by the tissues and converted into energy. It is suggested that anyone who suffers from chronic fatigue symptoms should consider taking coconut oil in their diet. Others are using the extra boost of metabolism as a weight loss aide taken regularly with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

General studies indicate that regular consumption of coconut oil will reduce cholesterol to a normal level by converting it into pregnenolone. The trans fats stay in the bloodstream and eventually collect as fat in the vessels and body, going directly to the liver, where it is then converted to energy. This process is what speeds up your body’s metabolic rate and causes you to burn calories. The coconut oil metabolism increase also has the benefit of possibly strengthening the immune system, which will enhance the body’s ability to fight off sickness. Several of the international populations that consume the oil regularly in large quantities, have renamed the coconut tree, “The Tree of Life”. This is a result of the drastic decrease in case numbers for heart disease, sickness, and illnesses among these regions.

Take at least two tablespoons of coconut oil every morning

More recently, a large number of medical experts in the United States have passed advice along to their patients to take at least two tablespoons of coconut oil every morning. This serves as a preventative measure to fight off bacterial infections and viruses. There is much evidence that supports the existence of coconut oil metabolism, immune strength, and even the incredible strength to fight off bacteria that causes pneumonia, ear, and throat infections. Often times synthetic drugs can’t even stand up to this type of infection, but coconut oil has proven to be more successful.

Skin and hair care

Getting coconut oil health benefits for your skin and hair is effortless. The best way to use it is massaging it into your scalp, relieving dandruff, and making your hair shiny, soft and manageable. The proteins inside the oil will nourish damaged hair, allowing it to grow stronger and thicker. If you massage the coconut oil into your skin, it will act as a great moisturizer for a lower price then any lotion. The antioxidant properties will help prevent premature aging, which will delay wrinkles and sagging skin chocolate slim.

Coconut oil is great for healing and relief from illnesses too. You can help heal a bruise faster by applying it with a cotton ball to the bruise. Coconut oil applied with a cotton ball can be used on diaper rashes, infections, athlete’s foot and ringworm. Massaging the oil on your head will help relieve stress.

As you can see, there are numerous coconut oil health benefits when adding it to your diet, skin and hair routine. It is recognized as a powerful tool against immune diseases and has tons of nutritional value. So remember to add coconut oil to your daily life as regularly as you can.

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