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Some Exercise for Osteoporosis

Some Exercise for Osteoporosis

There is a saying that those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. Exercise is always helpful to maintain a healthy body and mind. If a person is suffering with Osteoporosis he/she can get a fast relief through many of the cost-effective Exercises for Osteoporosis including all medications, diets and therapies.

How exercising helps in osteoporosis?

A balanced exercise leads the bones to take the strain and helps increase the bone mass. The exercises like weight bearing or weight training enhances the quantity and quality of bone minerals. In addition, it helps to maintain a healthy heart, liver and kidney and a normal blood pressure. They also clear the stomach and boost the requirement of Calcium in the body.  A person always does a proper intake of food after doing an exercise. It has been said that after an exercise, a person should eat food that is full of Calcium and Minerals.


Some researchers and authors of Osteoporosis say that Exercises for Osteoporosis should include weight-bearing, flexibility and resistance. Among all, aerobics, especially aerobic walking is a very supportive. The aerobic walking in the sun makes the bones stronger. If person walks three to five miles in a weak, it can be really good for his bone health. A patient of Osteoporosis should maintain a daily exercise of 45 minutes to 60 minutes a day.

In a week, a person is suggested to do a resistance exercise two to three times. One can later connect more weight in the move or can repeat the weight. A proper exercise should be practiced in different parts like from the arms to chest, stomach, back and legs. A skin revelation in the sun also helps the bones to soak up Vitamin D from the sunlight. The existence of Vitamin D is very much necessary in the transformation of Calcium from the body innards to the bones mass. 


Yoga, the ancient form of exercise to keep the body well is also very much supportive to prevent Osteoporosis. However, one should always consult a physician to take up a Yoga pose if he/she is already suffering with the disease. One should also consult a well-experienced teacher to gain the knowledge of it. An Osteoporosis sufferer can practice the ‘Bikram Yoga’; it is actually a kind of ‘Hatha Yoga’. This yoga should be done in a warm room in the temperature of 96 to 106 Degrees Fahrenheit. Bikram yoga removes unnecessary toxins from the body and enhances the muscle power and their elasticity. The Yoga asanas like ‘Kati-utthana’ and ‘Setubandha’ are also excellent Exercises for Osteoporosis.  These asanas empower the bones of wrist joints, waist, knees, elbow, ulna, radius, scapula, upper arm, hands and legs. Yoga always reduces the tensions of mind and encourages a healthy breathing.

Water aerobic

Many of the Osteoporosis patients are also been suggested to practice ‘Water aerobics’ as a treatment. These steps of aerobics enhance the bone mass especially in the parts of spine, hips and wrists. Water helps the muscles to move faster and grow to be harder. The steps of   water aerobics are similar to the normal aerobics; they are the exercise practices inside the water like running, walking and other body movements.

Some of the other sports-like exercises are swimming, cycling etc are also good for increasing the power of the bones. Stair  climbing, hiking and dancing helps the legs and feet to manage and support the body weight and proves to be good exercise of weight bearing.

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