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Some Useful Facts – Osteoporosis Information

Some Useful Facts – Osteoporosis Information

Osteoporosis is a disease of the porous bones, and its characteristic features are low bone mass, structurally deteriorated bones tissues, fragile bones prone to fractures. Although all bones of the body can be the target, the most susceptible bones to breakage are that of the hip, wrist and spine. Some more general osteoporosis information is provided down the page.

Osteoporosis information of statistical importance 

Over 44 million American residents are threatened by osteoporosis disease. Out of the 44 millions, 10 millions already are possessed by the disease, while there are 34 million estimates of low bone mass. 55 % of the assumed osteoporosis patients are of the age 50 and plus. To state more of the osteoporosis information, the 10 million American patients of osteoporosis can be divided, gender wise, into 8 million women compared to just 2 million men, i.e. 80 % women and 20 % men. 25 – 30 % of these, esp. all people who are over the age of 50 years, are already diseased with osteoporosis and 50 % are estimated to have low bone mass.

Osteoporosis information drags us to the estimation of fracture rates due to low BMD. Every 2nd woman and every 4th man of the diseased number comes across fractures. Over 1.5 million annual fractures are because of osteoporosis, which include 3L hip fractures, 7L vertebral, 2.5L wrist and 3L other fractures. Women possess high risks of hip fractures.

Menopause in women is one point in their life after which they may start expecting osteoporosis. During 5 – 7 years after menopause, women may lose up to 20 % of their bone mass. This makes them more vulnerable for osteoporosis to have an attack. Till about the age of 20 years, a woman can be said to have gained 98 % of bone mass in her entire body. Hence, one of the best defense measures for osteoporosis can be building up healthy and strong bones during the periods of childhood and adolescence. This could be done by following balanced diet, calcium and vitamin D rich consumptions, weight-bearing and resistance inducing exercises, making your body flexible, a lifestyle without unhealthy practices like smoking and drinking, and getting BMD tests done at proper intervals along with consulting bone health specialists.

Though osteoporosis is a silent disease, i.e. it doesn’t show specific symptoms, its arrival can be determined in various ways. BMD tests can measure the density of bone mass in the bones of a person’s body and with that, the veil is lifted from the existence osteoporosis disease, if it at all exists. Various other factors like prediction of fracture chances in future, duration of life when osteoporosis may occur (if not yet occurred though BMD is low) and so on, can be made sure about with the help of BMD tests. People (esp. women) with age over 50 years should go for these tests. This could help you fight the upcoming disease in a planned manner. After all happy and healthy bones are the key to the success of your life.

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