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Symptoms and treatment of osteoporosis

Symptoms and treatment of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of those dieses that can cause the bones to become weak and fragile so the chances of fracture rise. The real worrying issue is that your bone will lose density, this means the amount of minerals and calcium that is required to make your bones strong will decrease. This is one of the most common diseases related to bones. Around half of the women having age more than 50 are suffering from this. They may fracture their wrist, vertebra or hip bone.

As bone is one of the living tissues in human body so it is regularly reinstate by new bone. Osteoporosis take place when the your body will not be able to form new bone to replace the existing one rzs leczenie. One of the most important mineral that you required for your body to form new bones is calcium, so if you are taking it in less quantity then required then, it is obvious that you will face the bone related issues. Sometimes the bone fracture also happens without any deficiency. It may just be a family issue that is transferred to you.

Symptoms regarding osteoporosis

When osteoporosis is at early stage you may not find any symptoms. It happens to people that they have fractured their bones without even knowing that they are suffering from osteoporosis. One of the biggest symptoms that you can note down is that you will feel pain in your spine; this pain can be caused because there are small fractures in your spine which you may not notice. These fractures are also caused without any injury, so you will not be able to get these. You may notice that you are feeling sudden pain or it develops slowly with time. Another symptom is that you may find loss in height. You may have stooped or kyphosis posture.


For treating osteoporosis you must have to bring changes in your life style. You should change your diet routine as well as start doing exercise on regular basis. Other than this you should also start taking calcium and Vitamin D because these are really important and helpful for you in building your bones. You should also try some medicine that can help you recover from the deficiencies that occur in your body and become the reason for your pain.

So these are some simple and easy tips through which you can treat osteoporosis.

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