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The Miracles Of Coconut Oil – Do You Believe it ?

The Miracles Of Coconut Oil – Do You Believe it ?

Stories about coconut oil

An interesting experience about the miracles of coconut oil. Some time ago, one of my friends came to my house. They spoke about his experience in the use of coconut oil. Their two children had a great sore skin irritation. Almost the entire surface of her skin to blister and fester. They have given various drugs as directed. But the results are not in line with expectations. Two children did not immediately recover from the ordeal. They are increasingly confused and almost desperate, not knowing what they should do. Actually, they’ve heard about the miracles of coconut oil in curing various diseases, but they are still worried about the side effects that may occur. They do not know that coconut oil does not cause side effects if used properly.

Until one day his old grandmother to come and get her grandson suffered from skin disease. Immediately the grandmother made with the traditional coconut oil as he often did before. My friend did not believe what was done by the grandmother. For them, coconut oil is more than just ordinary cooking oils that are not experiences a health benefit. In fact he often replacing coconut oil with other vegetable oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and others. When coconut oil is made, the patient’s grandmother to rub it all over her grandson’s body. He performs regularly twice a day for several days.

Slowly but surely going to change for the better. Skin of a sick child recovers. The child was not crying anymore. After several weeks the two children who suffer from skin disease cured only too well. Their skin is smooth and soft again. Since that time my friend always provide palm oil for various purposes at home. He began to believe in the miracles of coconut oil. Coconut oil as cooking oil not only for traditional societies, but more than that, since the coconut oil used by our ancestors thousands of years people in Southeast Asia and others, turned out to save a variety of health benefits.

But unfortunately, the miracles of coconut oil is so little known or not believed by most people today. They already believe the negative assumptions about coconut oil. A lot of propaganda about the side effects of coconut oil is considered hazardous. Although many have proved miracles of coconut oil for health, but not easy to get people who have not felt and experienced, believe the benefits of coconut oil. How about you, do you also have an interesting experience with the miracles of coconut oil? Please tell me here.

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